Vince Cable: stays in Cabinet, responsibility for takeover ruling moves

The net upshot of the day today:

  • Vince Cable disagrees with Conservatives (shocking news, I know)
  • Vince Cable tells people he thinks are his constituents the truth when asked (grounds for questioning his judgement on this, yes, but isn’t it rather odd to see the Daily Telegraph thundering about how awful it is that a politician told the truth?)
  • Yup, there was something significant in the Daily Telegraph publishing what it claimed was a “full” transcript but which in fact clearly had been edited – though the reason wasn’t one I’d expected
  • Decision on Rupert Murdoch takeover plans has been moved to Jeremy Hunt (inevitable in the circumstances, and Vince Cable really should have known better than to express any views – even to constituents on this point – on an issue on which he would have to make a semi-judicial ruling)

UPDATE: Here’s what some Liberal Democrat bloggers have been saying this afternoon:

UPDATE 2: Here’s the next round of revelations as reported by Sky:

In the latest report, Mr Moore described the decision to stop paying child benefit to all mothers as “blatantly not a consistent and fair thing to do”.

Mr Davey said the announcement came out of the blue at the Conservatives’ party conference and left him “gobsmacked”.

He also warned the undercover reporters changes to housing benefit would “put people below the breadline”.

Mr Webb said he had written to Chancellor George Osborne to complain about the child benefit reforms because “the details aren’t right”.

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