Pink Dog

Pizza Express: 85 Victoria Street, London

This is another of the blocky Pizza Expresses, with a rather conventional size and shape. One tip though if you don’t know it well – there are more seats at the ground floor level round to the right of the staff area. It’s easy to miss this extra space but it often provides a bit more elbow room and some quiet even at times when the main frontage of the restaurant is busy.

This branch is at the Houses of Parliament end of Victoria Street – in other words at the other end from ‘Little Ben’, the mini-clock tower near Victoria Station.

As for the Chocolate Glory – another outlet, another waiter, another combination of ingredients. No chocolate spike this time, no unfortunate mini-cone, but rather a more traditional style:

Chocolate Glory, Victoria Street Pizza Express

Anyway, that’s 15 down and 113 to go (on the increasingly unlikely assumption that the total count is still accurate, but I think I’m a little way off having to worry too much about that…).

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