PODCAST – The dilemma for progressives: lessons from the US 2020 elections

Joe Biden beats Donald Trump - New York Times front page

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I was joined again on Never Mind The Bar Charts by Rob Blackie to talk about the early lessons from the 2020 US Presidential elections for the Liberal Democrats. With Rob as a guest, no surprise that we talked a lot about messaging and political positioning. In particular, how do you win over people who have a different world view? Listen to find out…

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One response to “PODCAST – The dilemma for progressives: lessons from the US 2020 elections”

  1. When seeking tips and hints from the situation in the US, we must remember that their system is essentially binary: either you like Affordable Care or you don’t, for example.
    But in Britain, supporting the poor is not confined to the Lib Dems, because Labour does as well. However, if we oppose a Hostile Environment, we don’t support BLM but disparage Jewish people. We don’t, or shouldn’t, genuflect to the powerful, be they employers or Trade Unions. There are so many nuances to the true Liberal Democrat ethos – but all conformable and true to what is expressed in the Preamble to our Constitution.

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