‘Great’: Diane Abbott’s description of event featuring apologists for human rights abuses

Yesterday Labour MP Diane Abbott spoke at an event alongside several apologists for the Chinese government’s treatment of Uyghurs, behaviour which amounts to genocide. Also speaking was an apologist for Bashar Al-Assad who denies his responsibility for war crimes.

Of course, there can sometimes be a case for appearing alongside unsavoury people in order to reach an audience with a counter to their misinformation.

But Diane Abbott called the line-up of speakers for the event “great” and did not criticise their views.

It’s another example of just how accommodating some on the left are to human rights abuses, if they are carried out by countries who are not allies of the United States. Hence too Jeremy Corbyn three times passing up on raising human rights abuses with the Russian ambassador in London.

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One response to “‘Great’: Diane Abbott’s description of event featuring apologists for human rights abuses”

  1. This excuse-making for and accommodation to by the Left to autocrats and illiberal societies of which they happen to approve is not new. I remember back in the nineteen-sixties and seventies the amount of fuss made over the apartheid system in South Africa (which was iniquitous, I’d be the first to admit), the US in Vietnam etc contrasted with the deafening silence from the same people re the excesses of the VietCong (plenty of those), gulags in Soviet Russia, the excesses of the Cultural Revolution in China, the situation in Tibet and, last but not least, the teensy-weensy peccadilloes of Left-Wing hero Fidel Castro and his regime. It’s one reason I never signed up to the Left at University. How reassuring to see that Ms Abbott continues this fine tradition.

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