British public supports proportional representation 42% – 33%

New polling from YouGov reports:

Despite the 2011 Alternative Vote referendum where the UK public decided to keep the first-past-the-post system (67.9% for, and 32.1% against), data from one of YouGov’s political trackers shows there is currently greater support in the public for proportional representation (42%) than for the current electoral mechanism (33%).

The YouGov Democracy Study reveals a deep public split on the perception of the UK election system: four in ten (40%) Britons think the system is unfair, and slightly fewer (38%) think it fair.

When the results are split across age groups, there is a clear generational divide on the issue: over half of those aged 16 to 24 (55%) and just under half of those aged 25 to 39 (46%) say the system is unfair; those in their 40s and 50s are split (39% think it’s fair and 38% think it’s not), whilst the majority of those 60 and older (52%) say the system is fair to all parties.

Among Labour and Lib Dem voters, six in ten (58% and 60% respectively) think the system is not fair to all parties, and this view is shared by a quarter (24%) of Conservative voters.

Rather timely given my new podcast episode about electoral reform.

2 responses to “British public supports proportional representation 42% – 33%”

  1. I was not around for the 2011 AV vote but the idea that ,now, people prefer a PR system is good. HOWEVER it needs to get over 50% (prefer more than 60%). A campaign leaflet NATIONALLY explaining PR should be distributed to boost the results.This can go with an internet campaign.Ways need to be found to make the subject be a talking point. Thoughts on that-comment that Tories need not fear it cos they will/can be still the major party.That an MP may only win his seat on 40% of the vote.Play on voters talking about fairness.There will be all sorts of ploys to consider. If Brexit does not deliver for the people (risk of 2 million in poverty,,Rowntree’ s Trust), dissatisfaction will develop. A proper thought out campaign could reap dividends.

  2. We should have Single Transferable Vote – as in Ireland (N + S).

    This would enable a choice of candidates in multimember constituency – not simply a party list.

    I think this is more important than House of Lords reform.

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