“Threadbare” deal risks livelihoods, Ed Davey warns

A party press release brings the news:

The Liberal Democrats have declared that the Conservatives’ Brexit deal is “threadbare” and “bad for jobs, business, security, and our environment”, and warned it is the only ‘free’ trade deal in history to “put up barriers to trade”.

The party has also said people are “desperate to move forward” and to see the country “united again” but Boris Johnson’s deal makes that more difficult with potential trade disputes for decades to come.

Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey said:

Boris Johnson promised to make people better off, but his deal will make us all poorer.

This deal is threadbare, bad for jobs, business, security, and our environment. It is the only ‘free’ trade deal in history to put up barriers to trade and leaves the services sector in limbo.

This botched deal confirms that the UK’s trade with Europe will now be wrapped in red tape – bringing long delays and higher costs. With so many businesses teetering on the brink of closing due to Covid, Johnson’s deal will push many over the edge.

We all are desperate to move forward, to see our country united again, to restore our economy and our communities after a terrible year, but Boris Johnson’s deal just makes that more difficult.

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One response to ““Threadbare” deal risks livelihoods, Ed Davey warns”

  1. Thanks for your posts, Mark. Happy Christmas – and a far better New Year! I appreciate your posts and insights, and your great podcasts. On this post, it’s worth us saying this is not just a bad trade deal, but undermines free trade. The Tories have, on this count at least, given up being the party of free trade, in favour of a form of protectionism.

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