VIDEO: Edward Davey on Boris Johnson’s UK-EU Trade Deal

Here’s the new film from the Liberal Democrats, featuring Ed Davey talking about the party’s opposition to Boris Johnson’s threadbare Brexit deal:

One response to “VIDEO: Edward Davey on Boris Johnson’s UK-EU Trade Deal”

  1. I wonder whether we would have done better to abstain but note our deep reservations about the deal. This better reflects the public mood (dissatisfaction with the deal but a realisation that it had to be passed) and can look more like a common sense position. Of course, we could afford to take the position we did because we knew that most MPs were going to vote for the deal. But what would we have done if the passing of the deal was on a knife-edge, where our votes in favour or against would have made a material difference? Davey’s speech was a good one, and I don’t disagree with any of its contents, but just wonder about the wisdom of voting against given the political realities.

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