A year of Brexit polling and public opinion is back to where it started

After a year of Brexit negotiations, Brexit progress and Brexit polling, public opinion has ended up pretty much where it started:

In hindsight, do you think Britain was right or wrong to vote to leave the European Union?
January 2020: 47% picked wrong
January 2021: 48% picked wrong

Of course, the longer-term trends are what matter and individual polls can be outliers. The longer-term picture is similar, with a move to ‘right’ early last year and then to ‘wrong’ around the time that the Brexit talks looked like they might not result in a deal. There’s a bit of a longer-term trend against Brexit, but so far it’s a modest one.

YouGov tracker results on Brexit

2 responses to “A year of Brexit polling and public opinion is back to where it started”

  1. I believe our Party should not say that we are not a RE-JOIN Party. Most of our Members would love to re-join the EU at the earliest possible date. Many of our new Members joined, because of our views on the EU relationship.

    We need to have a strategy for the re-joining process, and discourage the formation of yet another single-issue Party on the subject.

  2. Important to consider the realities of electoral politics versus opinion polls. A considerable demographic will be the not registered / not voting / don’t want to vote segment in the community. One key aspect of this 12 month series is that the level of don’t knows fluctuated significantly whilst the “Correct to Brexit” community was less volatile. Progressive liberal values, as expressed by our party, can be best championed by clarity on non-Brexit issues. They count a lot in this historic economic, health, environmental and national crisis.

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