Brexitland: The long-term factors shaping our politics, and what they mean for the future

The Brexiters: wall art caricature of politicians

One of the most popular Never Mind The Bar Charts episodes last year was with Rob Ford, discussing Brexitland, the book he’s co-written that takes a look and the long-term social and demographic changes driving British politics.

So I’m delighted this time to welcome to the show his co-author, Professor Maria Sobolewska, to discuss further their book and its implications for British politics.

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One response to “Brexitland: The long-term factors shaping our politics, and what they mean for the future”

  1. Very interested that Maria mentions attraction to Green party. I saw this happen in my constituency in run up to 2019 GE.. In a large college debate, a vote was taken before and after the debate. It showed a big swing among these young adults, from Labour to Green.
    Is this more than just traditional left support (very prominent here until recently) because you would think with Corbyn as leader, these young people would be attracted to Labour most of all ? Greens are a threat to us in some places, because of their simple idealistic message, always attractive to youngsters, in spite of a legitimate criticism that they are simplistic and therefore do not have the practical expertise to run a council or country.

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