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Been called by 020 3966 0062 claiming you are going to be taken to court?

It’s been a while since I last wrote about one of these calls, but as previous posts seemed to help quite a few people, here’s information about a call I had today…

If you’ve been called by 020 3966 0062 with an automated voice claiming that you are about to be taken to court over taxes, you can breathe easy.

These are dodgy calls, being made blind to large numbers of people. The people running these calls don’t really know something about you and your taxes.

If you receive such as message, it’s always a good move to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner here. The regulator can move a little slowly, but movement happens when there are lots of complaints.

More information on these sorts of dodgy calls is also available direct from HMRC itself:

The section on the HMRC website is good and clear, including advice on what to do if you have been taken in by one of these scams.

2 responses to “Been called by 020 3966 0062 claiming you are going to be taken to court?”

  1. I get phone calls of this sort most days, but especially when I have just ordered something on-line. One I had yesterday was to ‘confirm that they are taking £375 from my bank account for the new i phone I had ordered.
    Quite simple really, any call that asks you to press a number on your phone now.. don’t..
    .. and do leave the phone off the hook at your end until they have closed the call and the line has gone dead..

  2. There must be phone companies cheerfully taking payment for these calls – and the dialling must be on such a huge scale that the pattern would be easy to spot. Perhaps we should campaign for the regulator to go after the phone companies that allow calls like these to get through so readily.

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