Welsh Nude and Proud Party: great leaflet, but not on the ballot paper

Hitting letterboxes in Newport has been an apparent election leaflet from the Welsh Nude and Proud Party. It sports policies such as tackling crime by encouraging nudity, claiming that naked people are 90 times less likely to be mugged.

But the supposed Welsh Nude and Proud Party doesn’t seem to exit. It’s not actually standing in the Welsh elections, and there is no party with this name registered with the Electoral Commission. As the South Wales Argus adds:

There is no indication of it being a real party either with the printed website and email address both being unreachable.

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2 responses to “Welsh Nude and Proud Party: great leaflet, but not on the ballot paper”

  1. I think it not existing is a cover-up by the mainstream media! But I guess the naked truth will emerge!

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