How Lib Dems are doing: rolling election coverage, Saturday update

The Sunderland Liberal Democrats have done it again, giving the party a great start to election night:

And then more news from Sunderland:

Now on to news from elsewhere, with wins in southern England too:

In Wales, we’ve kept our representation in the Senedd, losing a constituency seat but gaining a list seat:

(The man on the left is Neil Hamilton.)

Promising news coming in through Saturday too:

Although the results in Cornwall were disappointing, with seat loses, in Devon we’ve made gains:

And to round-off Saturday’s news, a very welcome gain on the London Assembly:

How typical are all these individual results? Here’s what the overall local election picture in England is looking like:

Given how dependent we are on being able to get out and campaign, that’d be a pretty decent result in the tough circumstances of much reduced campaigning for these elections.

In Wales, the party has a net change of zero in Senedd seats – losing one constituency seat but gaining one list seat. In Scotland, alas, it’s all holds on constituency seats but down one on list seats:

Now for the news from Sunday, and it’s looking promising:

One mostly unremarked change in British politics is notable:

A reminder of how important polling day campaigning is to squeeze out the last few extra votes:

Thought that wasn’t the only new baby featuring on polling day:

Back to the importance of what can be done on polling day:

The most fun election result declaration courtesy of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party:

I’ve covered some problems with the running of the elections this year, but this time the Returning Officer had it spot on:

Other news:

And looking to the future:

I’ll be updating this post as more news comes in.

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3 responses to “How Lib Dems are doing: rolling election coverage, Saturday update”

  1. Many thanks for this. A case of the curate’s egg, I suppose. Some good results in the north and south east but more evidence that the orange wall in the west country and parts of rural Wales has disappeared (just two gains in Devon and 16 losses in Cornwall is not much to shout about); and it was a pity we failed to gain the Caithness seat in the Scottish Parliament and lost one of our list seats. But, even if our vote has stayed more or less the same in the English council elections with almost 0 gains and losses, we are alive and kicking and have something to build upon. I did notice, however, how we barely featured in media coverage. A close-run second or a win in the Amersham by-election would be a great fillip to our public profile.

  2. We had a great victory in Newent, in the Forest of Dean, where Gill Moseley beat the Tory, who had held the seat for 16 years. We did a deal with the Greens over four seats, and 3 of the 4 were elected – two of them Green. In two of the divisions no other parties stood either, so they were head to head. It seems to be the only way to beat the iniquitous first past the post system

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