PODCAST – Why electoral reform matters and how to get more of it


The latest episode of Never Mind The Bar Charts is another special live show with the Lib Dem Pod team. This time we looked at proportional representation with Lib Dem Parliamentarians Wendy Chamberlain and Paul Tyler.

Why is proportional representation (PR) a good thing? Does it matter which version of PR is used? What’s the route to securing it for more elections in the UK? How much should the party talk about it? Find out the answers to all these and more in the show:

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One response to “PODCAST – Why electoral reform matters and how to get more of it”

  1. A largely Labour but still cross party Facebook page ‘Get PR Done’ has an ongoing lively debate about PR. Most Labour supporters and voters are in favour and approx 30% of CLP have passed motions in favour.
    The problem is to persuade the Labour leadership to push for PR and to agree to a Progressive Alliance with LibDems, Greens etc. to remove the Tories on the basis that PR is introduced into England and Uk elections.
    So Lib Dem’s must continue to talk about PR because the grassroots Labour supporters know they cannot win the next GE!

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