Making life a little easier for new local party officers

Good to see another new feature go live on the party’s Lighthouse system: letting local parties record their bank accounts and who their signatories are.

It’s surprisingly and frustratingly common for problems to arise when local party officers change and time passes and then that bank account set up for a special purpose falls redundant, the signatories left unchanged and memories start to fade…

Hence the new feature so that all the information can be securely stored in a way that will make it more convenient for new local party officers, be proof against fading memories and also make it easier to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. It’ll also save the huge amounts of time that can get eaten up by a complicated old bank account problem.

It’s just the sort of improvement we need to do more of with our systems (and will do more of!) – not dramatic, but quietly removing the cause of problems which means we can all concentrate on the big things that really matter.

Thank you to the party staff and suppliers who’ve made the new feature happen.

The Lighthouse training materials have been updated to include this new feature.

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