How many Conservatives want Johnson to go before the next general election?

Boris Johnson - Crown Copyright photo
Boris Johnson. Photo by Pippa Fowles / No 10 Downing Street (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0).

A surprisingly high 42% of 2019 Conservative voters want Boris Johnson to go as party leader before the next general election. That’s according to new polling from Redfield & Wilton:

According to Redfield & Wilton, the polling “took place before the media reporting leading up to the resignation of UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock last week”.

3 responses to “How many Conservatives want Johnson to go before the next general election?”

  1. How many of these people read the question as, ‘if Boris Johnson’s leadership of the party were to be threatened before the next general election, would you support or oppose him’?

  2. Conservatives (and all other voters) have to be careful what they wish for. The alternative to Johnson would almost undoubtedly be Gove, who is if anything more awful, just the more ruthlessly efficient version of Johnson. (This almost exactly mirrors the situation when Trump was in power; wishing him away would only have brought in Pence, who was similarly inclined and could at least rub a few words together.)
    All this said, who else might be up for a leadership election – Truss ? The even more egregious Patel ? Or could this become the Jeremy Hunt moment ??

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