Only 1 in 5 clear what ‘levelling up’ means

As with ‘pork barrel politics’ so with ‘levelling up’: a phrase widely used by political insiders leaves the public baffled.

The levelling up polling comes from Opinium:

Before today had you heard of the term “levelling up” in the context of it being something the government wants to do?

30% – I had not heard this before today

21% – I had heard it but don’t know what it means

30% – I had heard it and have a vague idea of what it means

18% – I had heard it and have a clear idea of what it means

3 responses to “Only 1 in 5 clear what ‘levelling up’ means”

  1. Levelling up will mean different things to different people. It is a useless catch phrase.The north it can mean one thing,the south another.I believe Johnson only used it to succor in the ‘red wallers’. His behaviour etc implies it(coal mine comments and no apology). It was just a way to gain power.As a result we can ask on the door what people want from the phrase and campaign in the areas on the majority decision of what info we get back

    • In physical terms, you can’t ‘level up’; you can only flatten out the bumps unless you bring in more material from outside.

      In political terms, you’d have to rob the ‘blue wall’ south to deliver ‘levelling up’. Pigs might fly.

  2. The meaning of the term is clear enough: it means bringing the people at the bottom up closer to those at the top, but without taking anything away from those at the top. This could be in terms of anything, but tends to be used largely about income and wealth. As a very long-term goal, it might be possible if it weren’t for climate change, but within the life of one government, it’s impossible without very rapid growth, which won’t happen. Realistically, of course, if there were rapid growth and all the benefits were channelled to poor people, Johnson’s pals and funders would be furious.

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