“It’s now or never to save innocent people from the Taliban” – Layla Moran

Writing on Twitter, Lib Dem Foreign Affairs spokesperson Layla Moran has set out the key humanitarian step the government must take in the light of news from Afghanistan:

It’s now or never to save innocent people from the Taliban’s terror. Lib Dems are calling for an immediate commitment to resettle at least 20k Afghan refugees in the UK. Priority should be those most at risk through an emergency Women & Girls Resettlement Scheme.

This must be backed up with proper funding for local councils to house, support and integrate them without placing even more strain on already overstretched budgets.

And that must be genuinely new funding, not further deplete our overseas aid spending that the Conservatives have already cut so devastatingly.

The UK has a proud history of providing sanctuary to those in need. We need to show that same leadership and compassion now.

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One response to ““It’s now or never to save innocent people from the Taliban” – Layla Moran”

  1. We fought a war in Afghanistan against the Taliban with many of the Afghans as our allies. Abandoning them to their fate emboldens those who fought against the Western coalition including Islamic terrorists, so we shall have to increase our vigilance and with it intelligence gathering at home and abroad.
    Keeping faith with our Afghan allies now that we no longer offer our direct protection to them in Afghanistan is in our interest too. For that we shall need help from our other allies in the region. On that front, what has the Foreign Secretary done already and what will he do in the coming days?
    We need to ask him.

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