How to get sweets from Alex Cole-Hamilton

I loved this bit from a piece about new Scottish Lib Dem leader Alex Cole-Hamilton:

His children have developed a habit of waiting until he’s just about to do a media interview before asking for sweets, knowing he’ll almost certainly agree.

The Dundee Evening Telegraph‘s piece also quotes him on the future for the Lib Dems in Scotland:

I think we’ve been held back in recent times by the clash of nationalism that we see, which is the binary, Hobson’s choice between the Scottish nationalism in the SNP but also the Brexit nationalism of the Tory party. I can’t believe that’s all there is.

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One response to “How to get sweets from Alex Cole-Hamilton”

  1. A choice of 2 Nationalisms is no choice.To campaign on another way gives choice.Now is the time to campaign for that new choice.

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