Paul Kohler selected in Wimbledon (Conservative majority 628)

Good news from Wimbledon, one of the top targets for the Liberal Democrats at the next general election:

UPDATE: His Conservative opponent is quitting.

See all the Liberal Democrat PPCs selected so far here.

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3 responses to “Paul Kohler selected in Wimbledon (Conservative majority 628)”

  1. Wimbledon is the lowest of the low-hanging fruit. It is ‘easy’ because the Labour vote is still substantial: only in Cities of London and Westminster and Finchley and Golders Green is the Labour vote in 3rd place still over 20% and readily harvestable. The real problem is that in 2019 there were only 9 seats where Con polled under 50% and won and Labour were in 3rd place polling over 10%. In those seats the Labour vote can be leant on, but to win otherwise even in the 5 seats where Con polled under 50% with Labour under 10%, the electoral war has to be fought on two fronts, which dilutes the message, and in a General Election gives the Tories an advantage; and generally the 3rd party vote can be ignored by them in the constituencies they won in 2019

  2. Personally I would prefer to fight elections on a pro Lib Dem basis rather than an anti Conservative basis.

    Do we Lib Dems have insufficient positive messages to sell that we resort to just slagging off the Conservatives? After all, it is those Conservative voters we need to convert rather than insult.

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