The difference between Labour and the Lib Dems in three tweets

Tweet number one, on immigration:

Tweet number two, on Europe:

(For the Liberal Democrat alternative on Europe, see our policy motion here.)

Tweet number three, from a Labour MP about civil liberties – or rather, a blindness to civil liberties and the ways in which surveillance and data are so often abused, a failure to worry about state power and an unfortunate naivety about the risks of discrimination:

There are certainly ways we can and should use technology to better fight crime. But the way to do that successfully is to be aware of the huge risks of systems being abused, and to be aware of how often community snooping via platforms such as Nextdoor end up in discriminatory fear-mongering, not to ignore them. It’s telling that Labour ignores what Liberal Democrats care so much about.

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4 responses to “The difference between Labour and the Lib Dems in three tweets”

  1. I think we should be shouting loudly how we are a party based on members interests, not union or rich.

    Clearly the ground floor people wanted PR the unions wanted power.

    • All politicians, be they in political parties, pressure groups or trade unions want power. It is only with power over resources that they can achieve their aims. The whole purpose of politics is power, nothing else. Politicians will always look at the most effective way of gaining power and in the case of the Conservatives and much of the Labour Party “First Past the Post” has been the most effective way of getting power for the past 150 years or so. This is why the Conservatives are planning to change the constituency boundaries and bring in voter ID. They don’t want to change a, for them, winning system. The Labour party will probably come around to PR if they have yet another failure at the next election. The fundamental rule of politics is “To get things done you must have the POWER to control resources and events”. If we as Lib Dems don’t take that on board we will stay in the political wilderness forever.

  2. That motion on Europe needs to be updated; its time has gone, it should be replaced by a generic pro EU rejoin statement whcih lists the benefits (ref Guy Hands 24th Oct 22) and the NI protocol.

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