Dominic Raab reported being repeatedly booed at local school

The news from his constituency continues to get worse for Dominic Raab. After the Politico focus group showing “the very real prospect of losing his seat to the Lib Dems”, now comes news of a school visit by him:

Sean Jones tweet about Dominic Raab no 1
Sean Jones tweet about Dominic Raab no 2

At the 2019 general election, Raab’s majority fell to just 2,743 over the Liberal Democrats. The Lib Dems also recently gained a seat from the Conservatives in a council by-election in his seat – and in a ward that hadn’t elected a Lib Dem for at least 40 years.

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2 responses to “Dominic Raab reported being repeatedly booed at local school”

  1. I was interested in the school in Dominic Raab’s constituency booing him for his inadequate response to their questions. We do need this questioning from young people and they shouldn’t make life too comfortable for out of touch MPs. It is a pity that the Young Liberals are not a stronger voice and they should be encouraged as it is their future that the current Government is devastating due to their inadequacy. It never ceases to amaze me how the adults vote the way they have always voted whether the party they favour is acting in their interests or not. EG Farmers of all types, Manufacturers of all types, Haulage companies, Hospitality companies etc. If the adults are difficult to move we should look to the young to help rid us of these awful Tories.

  2. I have always found school audiences to be an enjoyable if challenging engagement. I remember taking Graham Watson (MEP) to a 6th Form meeting where he had (he said) some of the most incisive questions of any hustings meeting he had ever taken part in. To suggest that at 16 they are not ready to vote would be an insult.

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