Tim Farron’s eloquent defence of human rights

Well said, Tim:

On which note, it’s worth remembering what the Human Rights Act has done for us.

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2 responses to “Tim Farron’s eloquent defence of human rights”

  1. I am a great supporter of Farron – there is an argument to say that his approach to the Brexit referendum result saved the Liberal Democrats or certainly kept them relevant at a time when they seemed the opposite. He certainly lives by what he said to Dale in particular when it comes to gay rights. What people lost sight of in that debate, magnified ludicrously by the prurient press in the 2017 election, was that Farron’s faith, evangelical and conservative on sexual ethics and with which I personally don’t agree, never stood in the way of his defence of gay men and women to lead the life they wished to.

  2. An excellent defence of current human rights legislation by Tim. It’s a pity he is not Home Secretary rather than “Push them Back” Patel.

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