And the first Lib Dem leaflet in North Shropshire has already hit doorsteps…


Thousands of these were delivered yesterday with more to come today:


And remember:

You can help the Lib Dem campaign by donating or signing up to volunteer.

See you there!

Meanwhile, in strange candidate news:

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6 responses to “And the first Lib Dem leaflet in North Shropshire has already hit doorsteps…”

  1. Hi Mark,

    What is happening at Bexley? Nominations close on the 9th Tuesday.
    I intend to go across to Newport to help Shropshire North.

  2. Whilst I feel sorry for Patterson with what happened to his wife I have nothing but contempt for what he has done.
    The time has come to make it illegal for MP’s to be allowed a second job such as, a lobbyist.
    Maybe salary package in its entirity for MP’s needs a review as far to much is left to the ‘honesty’ of the individual.

  3. Ben Walker @bnhwalker founder of Britain Elects says the leaflet has an inaccurate scale of vote share. His totals for North Shropshire are:

    Conservatives: 51.0%
    Liberal Democrats: 20.8%
    Labour: 9.4%
    Green: 8.1%
    Has anyone got the figures for the 2021 elections?

  4. Always have to be careful about statistics, but pleased to see the essential message at the moment latest stats show that Lib-Dems are on the rise in North Shropshire and way ahead of Labour, Green or Reform parties.

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