When even the person with a Conservative poster isn’t voting Conservative…

Wondering if it’s worth going to help Helen Morgan in the last few days of the North Shropshire by-election? Wondering if it’s really as close as everyone is saying in what was a safe Conservative seat?

Here’s what the Daily Telegraph found on the doorsteps:

For Neil Shastri-Hurst, the Conservative candidate for North Shropshire, it should have been the easiest of doorknocks.

Lifelong Tory voter Pearl Morris not only had a campaign poster of Mr Shastri-Hurst in the window of her detached home in Oswestry, she also lives next door to a party activist.

“Thank you so much for putting my poster up,” said Mr Shastri-Hurst cheerily as 77-year-old Mrs Morris answered her door. But she didn’t return his smile.

“That’s quite alright,” she said, “but I must say to you, this year I can’t vote for that charlatan you have got in charge. Next time round, he’ll have gone, won’t he? And you can have [my vote] back. But I really can’t vote for him.”

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One response to “When even the person with a Conservative poster isn’t voting Conservative…”

  1. Where was the poster? Just spent two days in North Shropshire and did not see a tory poster anywhere – lots for Helen Morgan and some for Labour but nothing for the blues.

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