What is your top political book/show/film from 2021?

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If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve read at least one political(-ish) book and seen at least one political(-ish) TV show or drama this year. Whether it’s something that was new out in 2021, or an oldie that you came across for the first time, what were your favourites this year?

When I asked that a couple of years back, some great suggestions came in. To kick things off this time, a couple of picks from me are:

  • The Candidate – a Spanish thriller about corrupt politicians. The ending is rather polarising – is it a powerful critique of politics and the media or a cop-out? Even if you think the latter, there’s plenty to enjoy on the journey to the ending.
  • Mayor Pete – a documentary following Pete Buttigieg’s bid to be President of the USA, with some great jokes about pivot tables and cows along the way. A bonus for Lib Dem insiders – a former HQ staffer can be spotted in one scene.*

Over to you, and hope you enjoy reading through what others pick…

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7 responses to “What is your top political book/show/film from 2021?”

  1. John Le Carre died, and I think most of us enjoyed his writing. Farewell.

    I’ve read some of the Len Deighton books which I couldn’t find in second hand shops a few years ago.

  2. Sasha Swire – Diary of an MP’s Wife.

    Don’t agree with most of what she says, but she really tells it well.

  3. The West Wing, which we’re now watching for at least the third time, remains the benchmark in ‘how to’ manage challenging situations, often three in one day!

  4. “The Unlikely Murderer” on Netflix. Olaf Palme’s unsolved murder altered the trajectory of Europe’s politics striking a body-blow to the social-democratic post-war projects by alliances of big businesses and the governing elites to deliver generous welfare states and in doing so prevent the rise of political extremism. To watch this accurately reconstructed pseudo-documentary makes you realise how very fragile all of it was. Take one loner, an incompetent police officer or two…

  5. Don’t Look Up – film. Showing the absolute corruption of the press and neoliberalism and how it is destroying truth and democracy. A must see.

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