My ten favourite posts of 2010

Largely because I write posts for other sites, especially Liberal Democrat Voice, the most read posts on this site in the last year do not match up that closely with my own ten favourite posts from the last year. So here’s my own top ten:

  1. If you want to understand modern government, understand the Office of the Public Guardian – or why having targets for sorting paperwork quickly isn’t nearly enough
  2. What Disraeli really meant when he said “England does not love coalitions” – more a case of self-interest than of constitutional wisdom
  3. Your handy guide to how to be a journalist – a few simple steps anyone can follow
  4. The technological impact no-one was expecting – polling, not the internet, was where technological change had its big impact
  5. 30 things every would-be politician should do this summer – get planning now
  6. Why hearing the shipping forecast makes me optimistic – the significance of Heligoland
  7. Why do you walk on the wrong side of the corridor in Tube stations? – of course neither you nor I do, ever, at all
  8. The flaw in war reporting from Afghanistan, or why Robert Peston should not be embedded in a McDonald’s for a fortnight – would be fun, though
  9. Paperwork gone mad at the Ministry of Justice – just how many forms are needed to drive a car safely?
  10. The politics of windmills – community politics and the Big Society meet our industrial heritage

Happy reading!

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