Rishi Sunak in photo taken at Boris Johnson’s lockdown birthday party

The Daily Mirror has headlined Boris Johnson’s presence in a photograph handed to the police, but it’s Rishi Sunak‘s presence that is the more important for my money:

Police have a photograph of Boris Johnson holding a can of a beer at his lockdown birthday party in June 2020, the Mirror has been told.

The Prime Minister is pictured standing next to Chancellor Rishi Sunak, who is holding a soft drink, in No10’s Cabinet Room.

Sources said Mr Johnson appeared to be raising his can of Estrella beer towards the camera in a toast.

This does perhaps explain why Rishi Sunak has not been keen on an early Conservative Party leadership contest. If one was on now, the chances are that photo or other similar evidence would leak out, sinking his chances.

Also of note is that the report is that the photograph was taken by an official government photographer:

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2 responses to “Rishi Sunak in photo taken at Boris Johnson’s lockdown birthday party”

  1. Johnson and Sunak at an illegal event.Not good for leadership challenges.Pity Truss was not there..I want them ALL out

  2. Why the fuss about this now, but not when it was originally reported at the time?

    ‘Rishi Sunak settles in as Downing St’s Captain Sensible’ [20th. June 2020]:

    Boris Johnson celebrated his 56th birthday yesterday with a small gathering in the cabinet room. Rishi Sunak, the chancellor, and a group of aides sang him Happy Birthday before they tucked into a Union Jack cake.

    Of rather more concern to me is that the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is said to have been drinking a foreign “beer” (weighted average 2.2/5 on RateBeer), rather than a quality British beer.

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