“I became a councillor … not to be a politician”: departing Conservative councillor

More local troubles for the Conservatives in Dominic Raab’s backyard with two councillors quitting the party:

The other was Alan Kopitko:

Alan Kopitko resignation tweet

A little eyebrow raising is the further explanation Alan Koptiko gave on leaving the Conservatives:

Alan Kopitko tweets about not wanting to be a politician

"A county of leftist whingers begging for handouts": Conservative peer's comments on Yorkshire

"[I] fear I’m going to find it transformed into a county of leftist whingers begging for handouts" - Lord Moylan on Yorkshire. more

Local government, especially after years of pressure on its finances, is about choosing between different, competing priorities. That isn’t just a technocratic matter of deciding in an objective way what is best. It’s a political matter of choosing between different priorities. Which is parties and political labels are useful – they give the voters a clear idea of which set of priorities they are voting for and then give those who share those priorities a way to work together.

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One response to ““I became a councillor … not to be a politician”: departing Conservative councillor”

  1. one of our parish councillors(we are all non-aligned) was asked by our Tory MP when she was introduced to him(his first words to her) ‘which Party do you represent?’.. She tore a strip off him saying, I represent the people of this community first, I don’t belong to any ‘party’. He tried to laugh it off but hopefully it struck home.

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