Clive Jones selected by Liberal Democrats in Wokingham

Clive Jones and Ed Davey in Wokingham

Bracknell News reports of Wokingham constituency, held by John Redwood in 2019 with a majority of 7,383:

The leader of the Liberal Democrats has visited Wokingham to announce hopes to smash the Conservatives’ ‘Blue Wall’.

Recently, councillor Clive Jones (Hawkedon) was announced as the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for the Wokingham constituency…

Mr Davey said: “Our message is that the Conservatives have been taking people here for granted, and if you want to change, you want to get ride of Boris Johnson and John Redwood and want a different approach, the Liberal Democrats are the only party that can deliver that here.

“There’ll be lots of Labour supporters who’ll think seriously about getting behind Clive and the Liberal Democrats to get rid of the Conservatives.

“But also there’ll be a lot of Conservatives who are fed up to the back teeth of being taken for granted and are pretty unhappy with Boris Johnson, and realise that actually the Conservatives have left them behind.”

A former managing director in the toys industry, Clive Jones is Leader of the Opposition on Wokingham Council. He was elected to the council in 2016 and since then we have grown from 5 to 18 councillors.

On being selected, he said:

People in our area are furious that John Redwood has remained loyal to Boris Johnson.

I’ve heard truly heart breaking stories from local people who sacrificed seeing dying loved ones during lockdowns because they were following the rules.

Yet John Redwood thinks the Prime Minister shouldn’t lose his job over partying in Downing Street.

People in Wokingham are fed up with being taken for granted by the Conservative party.

I am determined to finally oust a Conservative party that never listens to people in Wokingham.

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