“Shambolic and amateur”: the government’s failure to help refugees on the Polish border

The Independent reports:

British government help for Ukrainians fleeing war has been branded “shambolic and amateur” by Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey after a visit to a crossing point at the Polish town of Medyka.

In an impromptu refugee centre, somewhat incongruously established in a disused Tesco supermarket, Davey saw charity workers from around the EU able to swiftly process new arrivals and assure them that sanctuary was awaiting them in Germany, Italy or Spain.

But Ukrainians hoping to seek refuge in the UK told him they had no idea how to go about it, and had heard it would be difficult and expensive to achieve…

While there were many British charity workers helping with immediate needs like food and water, there was no sign of anyone to guide them through the complexities of making an online application to be matched with a host household in the UK, said Sir Ed.

“I’m afraid the lack of official-supported British help here is really noticeable,” he said.

“EU countries were represented by charities who were there to welcome people who wanted to go to their country. If you wanted to go to Denmark, you went to the the Danish area, the same for Germany or Spain, and there were people saying ‘fine, we’ll make it happen for you’.

“No British representation in Tesco.”

On the same trip, Ed Davey also spoke with BBC Breakfast:

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One response to ““Shambolic and amateur”: the government’s failure to help refugees on the Polish border”

  1. Where is Priti Patel? I was lead to believe that she is the Home Secretary and responsible for immigration. Did I get this wrong?

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