A difference between the Liberal Democrats and the Greens

This from the Green Party is very much not the Liberal Democrat approach:

Tweet about Green Party wanting UK to leave NATO

More international cooperation is required to protect people from dictators, not less.

On a related topic: The difference between Labour and the Lib Dems in two tweets.

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6 responses to “A difference between the Liberal Democrats and the Greens”

  1. This is a good spot Mark, BUT when asked about the difference between the LibDems and the Greens, please don’t ever forget they are pro-Scottish independence. In fact the Scottish Greens are absolutely fanatical about it – they talk about it much more than they talk about the environment.
    So, “the Greens want to break up the UK and leave NATO.” (a message hopefully coming soon to a LibDem leaflet in many a leafy affluent middle class area near you!)

  2. Mark, this may be a difference but it is a good difference. It was the threat of an expanding NATO that was the major causal factor in the Ukraine conflict in the first place. Yes, the military action itself is inexcusable but that doesn’t mean Russia was not entitled to have legitimate concerns about growing threats to its security from bordering nations.

    • If Russia’s democratic neighbours are worried enough about its behaviour to want to join a defence alliance, the solution for Russia would have been very simple – to drop the threats, rather than to try to bully its neighbours into not signing up to a defensive alliance.

  3. Vote Green … get Putin!! IF ever a time to be a member of NATO, now is the time .. welcome Finland 🇫🇮 & Sweden 🇸🇪 😀

  4. As a first time Council candidate (shameless plug) I have seen how open Green voters are to our principled positions on the environment, inclusion and community engagement. The core fringe of Green activists may be NATO and collective security sceptics, but Britons from all demographics appear steadfast allies of the Ukrainians and our European neighbours. values matter….

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