Voters think Labour and Lib Dems did best in the local elections

There’s been plenty from both me and others on how the parties did in the May local elections. But what do the voters think?

Here’s what Opinium has found with its latest, post-elections, poll:

Do you think each of these parties did well or badly in last weeks local elections?

Labour – 59% well, 21% badly, net +38%
Lib Dem – 55% well, 15% badly, net +40%
Greens – 40% well, 22% badly, net +18%
Conservatives – 18% well, 65% badly, net -47%

I was surprised by how well Labour has done in the eyes of voters as that’s a much more positive verdict than give in most of the punditry covered by the media (and because Labour missed on pushing what to me seems the best soundbite on their results – their biggest lead over the Conservatives in local elections for a decade).

Which just goes to show why polls are useful – they tell you what voters think, which isn’t the same as what you think voters will think.

Also worth noting from the poll:

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