Tiverton & Honiton by-election set for 23 June

The writ was moved in Parliament today for the tractor porn by-election in Tiverton and Honiton, to be on the same day as the Wakefield by-election:

Ed Davey MP said:

People in rural communities like Devon have had enough of being neglected by this Conservative government.

The Conservatives’ failure to tackle the cost of living crisis has left millions struggling to pay their bills, while people wait hours for an ambulance and weeks for a GP or dentist appointment.

The Liberal Democrats are the main challengers to the Conservatives in Tiverton and Honiton. On the 23rd June voters can send Boris Johnson’s government a message they cannot ignore – and elect a strong local champion who will stand up for them.

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2 responses to “Tiverton & Honiton by-election set for 23 June”

  1. Mark, Does the party have a ‘by-election fund’ specifically to subsidise impoverished LD campaigners who might be deterred from going to T&H due to travel costs. Perhaps my donation would be better used going to them than on going into the election agent’s general campaign kitty.

    • Support for people coming to help is one of the possible uses for by-elections funds and in the past, for example, there’s been support for helping students come and help.

      Be very careful however about spending your own money directly on helping the campaign outside of donating to the official campaign funds, as such expenditure can be covered by election law. So even with the best of intentions, you might end up making an illegal payment.

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