Wakefield by-election: another focus group brings bad news for Conservatives

After one focus group and two opinion polls had bad news for the Conservatives in the Wakefield Parliamentary by-election, a new focus group from JL Partners brings further bad news. This one, taken after the no confidence vote in Boris Johnson, shows Conservative voters are continuing to be put off by him:

It’s not all positive news for Labour, however. As with the opinion polls – which show Labour and Keir Starmer having less then stellar appeal on their own – this focus group also found their appeal to be somewhat limited:

But up against the levels of Conservative and Boris Johnson unpopularity, that’s not necessarily an electoral impediment:

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One response to “Wakefield by-election: another focus group brings bad news for Conservatives”

  1. Another useful update, thank you. I focus on the negative comment about Keir Starmer from the focus group that he “opposes for opposition’s sake”. I fear the Liberal Democrats have ocasionally been tempted to do the same to ensure a media headline. It’s a difficult/fine balance to tread, but let’s continue to have a substaitnal base and a reasonable/positive alternative in as many policies / communications as we can. Thanks.

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