Public backs European Court of Human Rights 45% – 26%

It’s notable both how high support for Britain’s involvement with the European Court of Human Rights is, and also how high the number of don’t knows are, given that the court is favourite punchbag of populist media outlets and pundits:

YouGov polling on the ECHR

A reminder, once again, that neither Twitter nor newspaper editorial lines are the public.

UPDATE: Another pollster, another question, but similar topic…

NOW AVAILABLE: Polling Unpacked: the history, uses and abuses of political opinion polls which, according to the Sunday Times, is “Essential reading for anyone seeking to understand modern politics … comprehensive yet surprisingly fun”.

One response to “Public backs European Court of Human Rights 45% – 26%”

  1. It’s good to know that people appreciate human rights-one wonders who they are who don’t. When the Attorney General appears not to know the difference between the EU and the Council of Europe and its court, I despair. But the problem is these ignorant and manipulative people are powerful. They have good to go , for a increasingly long list of reasons.

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