The perils of blogging: it’s rather hard to delete what you wrote

From the Sunday Herald:

SCOTTISH LABOUR’S new spin-doctor made a series of damning criticisms of his colleagues weeks before he accepted the job as the party’s head of communications. Gavin Yates used his blog to describe Wendy Alexander as “abrasive”, labelled shadow health minister Andy Kerr as “simply uninspiring”, and blasted Jack McConnell for being a “lame duck leader” when in office…

His comments featured on his WordPress-hosted blog, GYmedia. A message on the blog page now states: “The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available.”

But the Sunday Herald has uncovered a number of Yates’s postings, many of which portray the Labour leadership in a negative light.

Hat tip: doctorvee, who also explains some of the ways your old blog postings hang around on the internet.

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