PODCAST – How have Labour and the Lib Dems done in 2022?

It was a warm welcome back to Professor Tim Bale for the latest episode of Never Mind The Bar Charts. We revisited the five tests for opposition parties we’ve discussed before. How have Labour and the Lib Dems been performing against them?

Take a listen to find out…

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One response to “PODCAST – How have Labour and the Lib Dems done in 2022?”

  1. Mark, however you look at it, with a collapse in the Tory vote, and that there are about 80 seats where we are second place to the Conservatives, we should be doing very much better in national opinion polls.

    It is hard to cut through in the media, but unless we have something distinctive to say, how can we expect people to take notice?

    I fear that we might end up gaining two or three seats, but end up with fewer second places, leaving us as a marginal party with a patchily distributed membership and poorly placed for further advancement.

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