How voting intention varies by supermarket

Data from the British Election Study via Will Jennings shows that Labour support is highest among those who shop at ALDI, while Conservative support is highest (and exceeds Labour) amongst those who shop at M&S. Lib Dem support peaks with Waitrose shoppers and Green support peaks among those who shop at the Co-op:

Voting intention by supermarket shopping
Graph by Will Jennings. Fieldwork May 2023.

Plus here is the data for rejoin the EU versus stay out of the EU:

Leave and Rejoin by supermarket shopping
Graph by Will Jennings. Fieldwork May 2023.

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One response to “How voting intention varies by supermarket”

  1. Iceland is the most interesting; even with 19% of Conservative shoppers and 13% Brexit ones, that doesn’t account for 61% wanting to stay out of the EU! I would guess that Iceland supermarkets must be concentrated in Labour-Leave areas as of course you can only shop in a particular supermarket if it is near enough for you to reach it! There are no Waitroses in NE Fife, for instance, so none of the supporters of Wendy and Willie can shop there, even although the work suggests they might like to.

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