Just the one council by-election this week

Just the one electoral test this week following Rishi Sunak’s general election announcement. It was in Leicestershire:

For what all this means for the running total of council by-election results since the last May elections, see my council by-elections scorecard here.

These by-election results round-ups cover principal authority by-elections as it’s only those for which comprehensive results are available. But this week, these by-elections at the town/parish/community council level did catch my eye:

What do the polls say?

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One response to “Just the one council by-election this week”

  1. When the Liberal Democrats don’t stand a candidate they are guaranteed of getting Zero votes and not being elected.
    This applies to all parties.
    Unless the Liberal democrats have an electoral alliance with parties on (near) common policies such as with the Green Party or Plaid Cymru anything else such as not standing without guidance should be avoided as it gives the electorate no choice.

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