First new poster site? ✅

This is the ninth general election where I’ve been involved in some way in running things for the Liberal Democrats, from hiding a broken photocopier from a journalist, through to mass-purchase of garden gnomes and having to knock on the door to ask a voter if I could have my (mistakenly delivered) delivery slip back.

Despite it being a snap, surprise timing, it’s been the smoothest start to one of our campaigns I can managed. All that preparation, advanced printing and lining up of poster sites has played off big time, and despite the election timing being the PM’s, it looks like it is his party, rather than ours, which has been caught organisationally on the hop.

Many thanks particularly to all the election agents now rushing to get the paperwork filled in for nominations:

Paul Kohler electoral paperwork
Shock news: Paul Kohler is standing as a Liberal Democrat.

I was out canvassing for Paul Kohler this morning, and got my first new window poster of the campaign. But more important I was only one of a huge number of helpers out on the doors:

Paul Kohler action day kick off

Nor was this the only place with huge numbers of helpers turning up. Though of course the risk with that is not quite everyone gets the poster the right way up…

Daisy Cooper action day kick off

At least Helen Morgan‘s team got it right…

Helen Morgan action day kick off

Plenty more to come, but already plenty of thanks are due to everyone who has put plans on hold, pushed other tasks aside, got up extra early and got our campaigning rolling so well.

And finally, if you need to stock up on some extra campaign materials to keep you going during the campaign:*

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