Susan Kramer for Mayor of London – the 2000 party political broadcast

Back in 2000, Susan Kramer was the first (and in many ways most successful) Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of London.

Here is her party political broadcast from that campaign, featuring several familiar faces including a young Mike Tuffrey and also Susan’s husband, John, who died tragically early in 2006:

Thanks to Pete Dollimore and Robin Fenwick for their help in rescuing this footage from an old video tape.

2 responses to “Susan Kramer for Mayor of London – the 2000 party political broadcast”

  1. It is a shame that the Liberal Democrats don’t have much success finding credible candidates for the role of Mayor of London. Susan Kramer might have been the best one, but she still fell significantly short.

    What the party needs is to invest in a really solid campaigning system for that job. That would hopefully mean that even the weaker candidates get more of a following. Remember, publicity can mean a lot in elections.

  2. In the end Ken won, of course, and created a legacy that would shame most modern politicians – the only European capital to see a shift from car use to public transport, a 30% increase in bus use, agreement for Crossrail, the pedestrianisation of Trafalgar Square, the (oft mistakenly attributed to a certain other famous name) commissioning of the bicycle hire scheme… and, of course, the introduction of the C-Charge, probably the most politically risky and ambitious public scheme seen for decades.

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