Why people voted Liberal Democrat

New polling from More in Common:

More in Common - why people voted Lib Dem in 2024
The usual caveats about it only being one poll and people not always being great at assessing their own reasons for doing something apply.

In other words, health, bar charts and great candidates. Or as I tweeted a little waspishly:

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2 responses to “Why people voted Liberal Democrat”

  1. I’m sure you have a better database than me so can you correlate our gains against, for instance, our local government strength as that is where we openly declare our political and philosophical allegiances?
    I have a feeling that our strength is related to a reputation for being nice people who listen and understand, even if we don’t agree. But that reputation requires people to know that we are liberals and to understand what being liberal means – in life in general as well as on local councils and other community groups, not necessarily political. Total contrast to all the nastiness and intolerance around.

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