Lembit Opik, the camels and the unusual legal note

Two camels on a sand dune. Without Lembit Opik.

This is not Lembit Opik.

Whilst looking for something else online (honest, I wasn’t spending a Sunday evening researching camels and legal action), I stumbled upon what I confidently predict will be the most surprising legal note I come across this year. It’s from The Guardian website:

[LEGAL NOTE: Any suggestion that Lembit Opik has messed around with camels is for ‘comic’ effect]

It’s hard to tell if that’s further satire or a genuine legal note, especially as it is would-be Mayor of London and near-hippest MP Lembit Opik we are talking about… (who, in latest news, is daring the government to prosecute him for ‘driving’ a Segway).

Make up your own mind with the full piece here.

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