Government presses ahead with devolving more powers to Scotland

The coalition agreement’s commitment to devolve more powers from Westminster to Scotland was one aspect that helped it win strong support from Scottish Liberal Democrats as further devolution has been a long-running Lib Dem demand. Now the Scotland Bill is moving through Parliament to turn those commitments into action.

The BBC reports:

Scottish Secretary Michael Moore [Lib Dem] said the Scotland Bill, giving Holyrood increased responsibility for borrowing, would bring a new phase in devolution.

Mr Moore said the legislation contained the right balance of powers and would give Holyrood greater accountability…

The most eye-catching proposals in the Scotland Bill are plans to give Holyrood limited controls on setting income tax in Scotland, and greater borrowing powers.

It would create a Scottish income tax by cutting 10p off the basic higher 50p rate for Scottish taxpayers, adjusting the block grant in proportion, and allowing Holyrood to apply the tax at a level of its choosing.

You can read the full report here.

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