Labour MP Barbara Follett faces questions over finances

Oh well, it’s a good thing I included the words “so far” when I wrote this morning that, “Today’s round-up of Labour donation news looks pretty simple so far. Just the one story.”

Because here’s the second of the day.

It’s about Labour MP Barbara Follett, whose husband has talked about how he provides over £100,000 per year to help run her constituency office.

One slight problem. None of the money seems to have been declared, which is a bit problematic when you start looking at the rules.

The Huntsman (from where I’ve got this story) has got all the details and poses these questions:

  • Is the ‘subsidy’ of which he [Mr Follett] boasted actually financial support that is liable to registration by Mrs. Follett in the Register of MP’s interests?;
  • If so, has the ‘subsidy’ in fact been registered in accordance with the rules?;
  • Is this ‘subsidy’ a ‘controlled donation’ within the meaning of Schedule 7 paragraph 1(3) (c) of PPERA 2000?;
  • If so, has a Mrs. Follett rendered a report of the ‘controlled donation’ as is required by Schedule 7 paragraph (10) of PPERA 2000 within the required period to the Electoral Commission?

I think you can guess the answers he gives.

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