More on Poynt, Vodafone and Blackberries

A very helpful person from Poynt has been in touch following my post Poynt icon appearing on Blackberries. By pointing me at various reviews and awards for Poynt, he has reassured me that it is a legitimate enterprise.

He’s also drawn my attention to this official news release about Vodafone UK signing a deal with Poynt:

Poynt Corporation (TSX VENTURE:PYN) (“Poynt Corp.” or the “Company”), a leading provider of mobile local search services, is providing a preloaded icon for the award-winning Poynt mobile local search application (“Poynt” or the “App”) to Vodafone UK’s BlackBerry® smartphone customers.

Note the use of the word “preloaded”, which in this context also means “or added automatically for existing customers”. So it looks like Poynt is a legit icon that is being automatically pushed out by Vodafone to its Blackberry customers.

Poynt is legitimate but why isn’t Vodafone providing a better service?

That does leave two questions: (a) why are so many Vodafone support staff unaware of this and therefore either giving wrong answers or being unable to answer questions about it, and (b) is it really wise of a mobile phone company to push out software in such a poorly communicated way (in my case, I had no advanced communication from Vodafone that this was going to happen and, by the looks of it, I am by no means alone in that)?

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