How to raise your poll rating by 6% in one hour

Press Association, 6:48pm:

Press Association Poll Quote 14 July 2007

Press Association, 7:48pm:

Press Association Poll Quote Number 2 14 July 2007

A brief summary: there is an ICM opinion poll, carried out for two different newspapers. There is a voting intention question and also one about which party people feel warmest towards (i.e. not a voting intention question, and with a much, much higher level of don’t knows).

Alas, the Press Association didn’t spot the difference between the two and so wrongly reported the answers to one question as being the answer to the other.

But the bottom line is: big Labour lead, Lib Dems up too, Tories down.

A good example of the importance of checking the details of polls, as discussed in my book, Polling UnPacked.

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