Porter Square: litter blackspot consigned to history

Last month I highlighted the litter problem at the junction of Porter Square and Hornsey Road, where an unfinished area of pavement was acting as a litter trap.

As you can see from the photograph below, the council has leapt into action at a commendable speed to extend the paving stones up to the wall:

Pavement work, junction of Hornsey Road and Porter Square

With this success, and also the repairs to the Gigantic Pothole of Partington Close, which long-running local problem should be next on my list?

I think it is time to turn to the piece of land next to the electricity substation just up the road from this pavement work. That spot is also a regular litter blackspot, and is cleaned neither by the council nor by the substation maintenance firm – so it not only attracts litter but accumulates it. I once managed to get the site cleaned, but that was a months long saga of the usual sort of unreplied emails, repeated phonecalls and the like.

Let’s see how round two goes…

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