Paging Mr Duncan, paging Mr Duncan: another expulsion demand is required

Conservative MP Alan Duncan says he doesn’t like it when people say an election is a “straight choice” as the only people who would say that are nasty horrible homophobic people.

So he must been busy calling for expulsion from his party of a past general election candidate and also a past leader, both of whom have also used the dreaded “s” word. After all, Mr Duncan wouldn’t be making up spurious attacks or turning a blind eye to homophobia in his own party would he?

He’d better add to the list of people he wants expelled then the Welsh Conservative Nick Bourne who … well I think you can see what’s coming … used the phrase “straight choice” to describe an election in Wales.

P.S. Could you email me a copy of your letters calling for the trio to be ousted Mr Duncan? I’d be happy to post them up so as to make clear that you’re sincere and genuine in your belief that these words are all mean and nasty and not to be used by reasonable people, and that you are not making up silly attacks or applying double standards or anything like that.

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