Planning for the next London council elections with Greenwich LibDems

This morning it was off at a moderately unsociable hour to Greenwich to meet up with Alex Folkes to train Greenwich Liberal Democrats in local ward campaigning.

It was good to meet such a large local team, and one moreover starting their planning for the next local elections in very good time. (It’s one of the perils of all-out elections every four years that it can be tempting to go to sleep locally for three years out of four.)

It was also really good to see what a positive response there was to our message about there being much more to campaigning than simply delivering leaflets. Leaflets are a vital form of communication, but you need to listen to what issues most concern residents, achieve results for them on those topics and build a team around you – rather than lapse into solo mass-delivery of generic leaflets.

And thanks to Alex I now have a great anecdote about elastic bands to use when I next do a session on building your local team…

3 responses to “Planning for the next London council elections with Greenwich LibDems”

    • Using the full range of campaigning tactics that a local pressure group would use – i.e. not just leaflets and petitions, but street stalls, photo ops, demos etc.

  1. Thanks for that.

    I want to start campaigning in my ward which has been Labour
    held for 25 years and looking for ideas.

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